Bluehost has been a very good web hosting service for us until recently. In their email promotion of Cloud Sites with the subject "We think you're ready for the next step...", they tempt customers to move to the Cloud with promises of 'faster', 'simpler', 'safer', 'bigger' and 'automatic migration'. We decided to move one of our sites to the Cloud but have been disappointed with the process of migration and the performance. We've had a few problems as listed below:

  • migration process might took 3 or 4 hours, during which time our site was down - although we had not been forewarned, fortunately we planned the migration for the weekend when site is not busy
  • some databases, forwarders, redirects, crons did not get migrated, migration had to be repeated
  • we needed a full cpanel backup to restore some of the crons, redirects, email forwards, and databases that had been somehow skipped. Previous automatic backups from the old server were no longer available. Again, we had not been forewarned, but fortunately we make it a policy to regularly take a full backup
  • they turned on server caching without asking us if it was OK. It certainly was not OK, because some users were getting the sessions of other users, so they became logged in as the other user. Could have been disastrous, but we caught it early and turned caching off.
  • server path was changed - we had to check all databases and change to new path. Again we should have been forewarned
  • email pulls from Google and Hotmail had to be set for new Bluehost box number
  • the biggest problem has been that the site is now 2 to 3 times slower than it was on the regular Pro plan, and several times a week it is inaccessible 

Recommendation - steer clear of Bluehost Cloud Sites until they get the problems worked out.