Ransomware encrypts your data files, then demands a payment for a decryting program. If you do not have the files backed up, and you want to recover them, your only option might be to pay the ransom via Bitcoin. You are given only a few weeks to pay, after which the pirates delete the decrypter program and it will be virtually impossible to recover your files.



  • do a backup regularly and keep the backup device offsite, or at least not connected to the network
  • if you don't absolutely need them, uninstall Java and disable macros in Office - the malware usually arrives in Java executables or Office macros disguised as resumes, invoices, or other 'important' attachments
  • NEVER open unsolicited emails or attachments of any type including zip, Office and JS files
  • if you suspect you might have been hit, power off the machine immediately and call us. It can take a while for the virus to encrypt all your files, so it might not be too late to save them.