One the most common problems that we run across is infections of Adware. This is software which automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author. Some Adware is benign, some is irritating, and some can lead to your computer being infected by Malware ( trojans, viruses and worms). 

Resulting issues can be annoying popups, slower Internet response times and misdirection of search results. In some cases, top search results can take you to websites whose only purpose is to trick you into giving up your credit card details to pay for services of no value, or to infect your computer with Malware. With Malware installed on your computer, a hacker can steal your identity, steal your money, ruin your reputation, and even get you in trouble with the law.

Here are the best tools that I have found for removing adware and malware. Both are fast and easy to use, and can catch and remove adware/malware that might be missed by security suite software. You should run both of these on a weekly basis, especially if you (or others who access your computer) are not especially careful in your browsing habits.